Western Baths Cycle Group

In the spring 2016 another member asked my wife Carolyn if I would be interested in organising bike rides from the Baths. They had both been on previous rides organised by Allan Rhodes. At the time of the original rides I wasn’t that interested in a group ride along the canal. After some thought Carolyn and I agreed to having a go to see what kind of reaction we’d get.

The first ride was in the spring of 2016, along the canal to Balloch. Nineteen people turned up at the Baths. The first thing that struck me was that, although I’d been a member for over twenty years, I didn’t know or even recognise at least three quarters of them!  Turned out that some were new members and thought this would be a good way to meet like minded people, others had been members for years.

We were lucky with the weather and had a nice ride along the canal and up the Leven to Balloch. We had lunch there then made our way back. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed riding with a group of people of all abilities. Previously I’d been a solitary rider. This first ride changed the way I viewed cycling.

We had six or seven rides that year. The weather was very kind. Even although my luck ran out last year, regarding the weather, we still got good turnouts.

From the Baths Bikes other smaller groups have emerged. A number of us went to Mallorca last year, we had an overnight in Arran on a Five Ferries run and cycled the Outer Hebrides in June.

It’s became a club within the club. We’ve made new friends and it has greatly enhanced our Baths experience. We’ve had a number of social evenings.

We welcome all types of cyclists. Regular cyclists, those returning to cycling. The bulk of the rides are easy paced, most of the time on cycle paths or quiet roads. This is most definitely social cycling with emphasis on enjoyment.

If you’ve decided to start cycling this may not be the best group for you. Organisations, such as Freewheel North, maybe the best option.

The only conditions are, you are a member of the Baths and no children are allowed on the rides.

If you feel this is for you, you can email me on [email protected] and I’ll add you to the mailing list.

Trying to be more organized this year. Below is list of planned rides for the next six months.

I look forward to hearing from interested members.



2019 Rides Date Where to Distance(Miles)
January Saturday 26th Bowling via Partick 21
February Saturday 23rd Balloch 20/40
March Saturday 30th Yellow Jersey to Blanefield 28/36
April Saturday 20th Gourock 21/30
May Saturday 25th Pollock Park 18
June Saturday 29th Bute 25
August Saturday 31st Balloch 20/40


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