Moving to Tier 2

To all members,

Following the First Minister’s announcement on 1st June, I’m very happy to confirm that we will be able to open up more of the Baths as we move to Tier 2 Restrictions on 5th June.  As the tiers are relaxed further, we hope to be able to open up more of the Club facilities.

Social Distancing Measures
While we enter Tier 2, it is important that we all continue to observe the existing safety measures around the building. Hand sanitiser should be used and masks or face coverings must be worn over your mouth and nose as you enter and move around the Club. We also ask that you maintain a distance of 2m from other members and staff (1m in the Bistro). Please remember if you are showing any Covid symptoms or feeling at all unwell in any way, you should not attend the Baths. 

The up-to-date guidance from Sport and Swim Scotland (developed in line with current Scottish Government Coronavirus guidance) on health, physical distancing and hygiene should be strictly followed.  Regrettably, having assessed our facilities and limitations of the building, this means that certain restrictions will remain in place. For example, the Frigidarium, Turkish and Russian Baths cannot be used due to lack of natural ventilation. Similarly, we would ask that you continue to bring your own towels.  There is a continued risk of Covid transmission in handling towels and our laundry does not have the required ventilation.  Several staff are vulnerable and have not yet received their vaccinations, but this is something that we will monitor and re-introduce as soon as we are able to do so safely. We have posted the relevant guidance on the website if you would like further information.  

However, although we are not yet back to what we previously viewed as ‘normal,’ we hope that the following changes will be welcome:

Classes and Group Exercise
We’ll begin to reintroduce group exercise and classes in the Exercise Studio and in the Sports Hall on Monday 7th June. Class capacity will be reduced to allow for socially-distancing, and, where possible, we would be grateful if you could bring your own equipment. We are only able to provide yoga chairs and ballet barres at this stage, and we would ask that you clean these after use. Yoga mats will be available to purchase from Reception if required.  A number of online classes will continue and more classes will be added to our timetable as time goes on. Classes can be booked online or via Reception on 0141 576 0294.

Adults (Over 18) Doubles Badminton and Short Tennis can also begin in the Sports Hall with a maximum of 6 people from 3 households per court, though when playing you should only partner with a person from your own household. Courts can be booked by contacting Reception directly on 0141 576 0294.

Unfortunately, due to the capacities of our changing/shower rooms,  we are unable to guarantee the availability of changing/shower facilities for classes, tennis and badminton players and we would therefore ask that you arrive ‘class/game ready.’ For those of you who wish to shower and change after a class, you may have to wait for a space to become available, particularly at peak times.  All of the available showers and changing rooms are now in operation.  Our total capacity in the male and female changing rooms and showers in the WM Mann Building is 9; the total capacity in the Sauna Suite is 4 and that of the pool, mixed sauna and Russian suite is 9.   All spaces need to be thoroughly cleaned between use.

However, Government Advice remains that changing rooms and showers are areas of high risk of Covid Transmission and as such we would encourage you to change and shower at home as much as possible.

Deepend Bar & Bistro
From Saturday 5th June, the Deepend Bar and Bistro will be open for groups of up to 6 people from 3 households until 10.30pm, with indoor alcohol sales permitted as well. We will continue to open early to offer breakfast/brunch. As before, you’ll be welcome to stay for up to two hours, so be sure to book your table on 0141 334 7783!

Hot Rooms
You may also have heard that some saunas, steam rooms and hot rooms will be able to open, and we know how much this is missed by many. The current regulations require us to not only observe social distancing in these spaces, but also require a prescribed and monitored level of CO2 in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the age of our building, the lack of ventilation and the configuration of our hot rooms means that we will be unable to open them just now. We are continuing to work closely with Environmental Health on potential solutions and are taking advice from our Mechanical & Electrical Engineers and await their further guidance. 

Starting from Monday 7th we will also be able to accommodate a few more swimmers in the pool. We’ll be making adjustments to the timetable which should increase the number of swims you can have by at least an extra one per week – and please do look out for more family sessions too!

And finally, we would all like to thank you very much for your patience, support and understanding – it is much appreciated.