‘In For A Penny’

Catch an exclusive preview of Libby’s Edinburgh Festival play!

‘I’m going to prison for parking tickets!’ Ever stuck a brown envelope under the couch, unopened? In this darkly funny tale, starring Libby McArthur (River City, The Steamie), we see what happens to a single parent who does just that.

Set in a Scottish Court and its holding cells, Libby populates the stage with shoplifters, working girls, lawyers, social workers, and parking attendants.

There’s Sharon, who is happy to be going back to prison because there’s nowhere safe from “him” on the outside, Lizzie, who can’t tell you her name but who knows the lyrics to every popular song ever written, Vonny and Kirsty, the teenage shoplifting twins, Bothwell, the judge, who Sharon knows from her time working on the streets, and Laurie the soap actor who can’t believe this is all happening because of parking tickets.

A play about innocence and guilt, about locking women up for being in debt, and about how terrifyingly easy it is for any of us to free-fall out of our cosy existences into the absolute worst of our nightmares.

Written and directed by Scottish BAFTA winner, David Cosgrove.

After the show there will be Q&A with Libby McArthur and David Cosgrove, hosted by Bruce Morton.

Tickets are only £8 and can be reserved by calling 0141 334 7783