Membership Support

To Our Members

In these very strange times, we are heartened by and grateful for your continued support. We would also like to extend our gratitude to those members who are currently working at the frontline to keep us safe and support our daily lives. We know that Covid-19 has affected many of you and we hope that we can help each other through this crisis.

You will by now be aware that the Baths will not be able re-open on 20 April, and at this stage we do not know when we will return.

We have taken steps to reduce our running costs but some of these are fixed and are needed to ensure that the building, facilities and pool do not deteriorate. We have also incurred a reduction in entry and registration fees as well as dividend and visitor income, and have realised part of our shareholding to allow us to replace the boilers and heating system, undertake maintenance and planned improvements.

We have assured staff that we will do all that we can to pay their wages. We have investigated all sources of Government help, including the Job Retention Scheme and for those staff who have been furloughed, we have agreed to top up the remaining 20% of staff wages.

However, in addition to the support for our staff and freelancers, we have not forgotten you, our members, at this time of increased precarity and anxiety.

We would be very grateful, if you are able, to continue to pay your membership fees in full, but if this is not possible, and as a first step, for the next two months, we would like to offer you discounted membership fees, with reductions ranging from 10%, 25% to 50%. For those members who have paid their fees in advance, if you wish, we will issue you with a credit note for the same level of discount, which will be applied to your subscriptions for next year.

If you wish to take advantage of this scheme, please email Althaea or Kathleen at indicating your preferred discount, and your account will be adjusted accordingly.

We understand how important contact is at this time, and will be in touch with you at regular intervals, but if you do have any questions, please do get in touch.

Best wishes

Caroline, Jennifer, Mark, Bruce, Vincent, Liz, Jim and Graham