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The Western Baths Club is committed to providing its members with an enjoyable leisure experience and to the continued improvement of its amenities.

Our staff aim to provide a high standard of work in an efficient and fair way. If you feel that we have not done this, you should tell us. Not only will we deal with your complaint quickly, but we can take action for the future.

When we are wrong, we will say so and do our best to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. Our General Manager will respond to your complaint quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Complaints are also a useful guide. They may show weaknesses where facilities or procedures need to be improved. The more we know about members’ experience(s), the better informed we are to bring about improvements.

It is hoped that, in most instances, any problems can be resolved as part of normal day-to-day business, or by contacting the General Manager. However, if you feel that you need to make a more formal complaint, our easy-to-follow process is set out below.


Formal complaints generally fall into one of the following categories (this list is not exhaustive):

• Failure to provide a service at a level or standard expected from the Western Baths Club.•        Unhelpful attitude by an employee.

• Neglect or delay in answering a query or responding to a request.• Failure by a member of      staff to follow agreed policies, rules or procedures.

• Malice, bias or discrimination.

• Complaint about a decision or a procedure.

• Complaints of an assault, a theft or of a sexual nature.

Complaints against Club Members or Staff Members can take the form of procedural issues or behavioural issues, encompassing conduct within the Club.

Stage 1

Depending on the seriousness of the complaint, in the first instance a verbal report to the on-shift Duty Manager would hopefully resolve the situation. If the complaint is in connection with an incident within the Club, then the Duty Manager should complete an incident report recording the matter and pass the report to the General Manager.

If the complaint is regarding a more serious matter, eg involving Club procedure, breaking Club Rules or is a behavioural issue etc, then the complainant should make this known to the Duty Manager as soon as possible, or write an email or letter to the General Manager recording the matter in question, providing their name and the name of any witnesses.

The General Manager will acknowledge the complaint within 5 working days (excl holidays) and arrange an investigation into the details around the matter in question. The complainant should receive a response with the outcome of the complaint, from the General Manager, within 10 working days (excl holidays) of acknowledging the complaint by letter or email. If the outcome of the complaint has not been fully investigated within this period, the complainant will be contacted by email and/or letter and made aware of the delay.

If the complaint is against a member of staff, the General Manager will appoint another independent Manager to investigate the incident in question and report their findings back to the General Manger, who will decide if disciplinary action is required. Details of the Staff Disciplinary Procedure are set out in our Staff Handbook.

If the complaint is against another Member of the club, the General Manager will conduct an investigation. This will involve contacting the complainant within 3 working days (excl holidays) to arrange a meeting and contacting witnesses and the respondent(s) to take statements. Depending on the seriousness of the complaint, the respondent’s membership may be suspended while the investigation takes place. The General Manager will then decide if further action is required.

Further action could involve:

• The respondent’s membership being suspended or revoked if they are found to have                 broken club rules.

• The complaint being closed as the findings show that no club rules were broken.

The Western Baths Club Disciplinary Procedure within the staff handbook contains details of how a staff member may appeal against disciplinary action. We hope that this will resolve the matter but, if the complainant is not satisfied with the response provided, they may progress to The Right to Appeal against any decision made or handed down.

The Right to Appeal

If the complainant or respondent is not satisfied with the General Manager’s decision in response to any complaint or grievance, then they have the Right to Appeal.

If you wish to exercise your Right of Appeal, you should put your reasons in writing to the Chair of the WBC Committee within 7 working days (excl holidays) of receiving written confirmation of the decision taken in response to the complaint, or the action taken against you. You will need to explain why you feel the decision is unfair, or inappropriate, in relation to the matters in question.

If you have any new information or evidence to support your appeal, please give details in full and include the names of any witnesses you may wish to call to support you. This is in order that there will be sufficient time to investigate any additional information before the appeal hearing. You are entitled to be accompanied at the hearing.

A panel comprising the Chair of the Committee, a Committee Member and an independent Club Member will write to acknowledge receipt of the appeal and will conduct a full review of the matter in question ie. the basis for the appeal together with a review of all evidence gathered during the investigation.

An appeal hearing will be set for a mutually convenient date following which a letter or email will be sent to the complainant or respondent within 15 working days (excl holidays), with the conclusions of the appeal with the Appeal Panel decision.

The time limits referred to herein may be extended exceptionally at the Chairpersons discretion on cause shown.

The decision of the Appeal Panel is binding and final.

The Western Baths Club

January 2024