Richard Bennie – Chair

Richard was appointed Chair of the Western Baths at the 2022 AGM having re-joined the Committee in 2021 following a spell on the Committee a number of years previous.

Richard has been a member of the Club for almost 40 years joining in 1983. He has worked in Construction for 39 years predominantly in restoration and conservation and will provide valuable knowledge, experience and assistance to the Committee in the care, maintenance and development of the Western Baths building.


Bruce Mann – Treasurer

Bruce became Treasurer of the Committee in 2021 after already being part of the Management Committee for several years.

He has been a member of the Baths since the mid 1970’s when his family moved to Glasgow.

With his role in Finance he hopes to use that experience to ensure the financial stability of the Baths going forward.



Niki Heaney – Committee Member

Niki was co-opted on to our Committee to fill our number in 2022. At our 2023 AGM Niki was voted in as a full Committee member.

Niki has been a member of the Baths for more than 40 years and has worked as the resident Hairdresser for 16 years.

As a lifetime member, along with her family, it is important to her that the Baths continues to flourish.

Niki’s hopes for being part of the Committee will be to look after the Hair, Beauty and Wellbeing side of things. helping staff and listening to members with any suggestions on how to improve services and amenities.



Paul Brown – Committee Member

Paul has been a member of the baths for many years and he always appreciated what a wonderful institution it is .

The Baths introduced him to gym workouts, yoga and other activities which otherwise he would have had no contact with and as a member of the Committee he hopes to continue this tradition of innovation. He also hopes to encourage and work to develop the baths existing commitment to the Arts, including music and dance .

He is absolutely committed to due process and financial stability and will work with Committee colleagues to ensure that the existing structures are maintained and built upon.

He considers this to be particularly important given the need to maintain the basics after the challenges of lockdown. Being a Lawyer by profession Paul has expertise in Employment Law and HR which he hopes can be put to good use going forward.

As the organisation moves into different times he will particularly enjoy working with office bearers ,senior management and committee colleagues to build a strong business plan in order to meet both the organisation’s aspirations and challenges.

Hilary Barclay – Committee Member

Hilary joined the committee at the 2023 AGM.

As a member of the Baths for more than thirty five years, Hilary has made many friends along the way. She has been practicing Iyengar Yoga there for twenty three of those years and is keen to promote our yoga classes and the high standard of teaching available.

Hilary enjoys using the Main Suite facilities, particularly the steam room and plunge pool, on a regular basis. She occasionally dips a toe in the pool.

As a member of the committee, Hilary is keen to see the Baths continue to thrive, while retaining the original ethos of the Club. She is often heard to say: “I don’t know what I’d do without the Western Baths Club.”

Andrew Robertson – Committee Member

Andrew has been a full member for over fifty years and has seen the club in all its ups and downs during this period.

The Club is at a significant stage with critical repairs required, and the opportunity to instruct additional works to ensure the building and facilities continue to reflect the needs and legitimate aspirations of the membership.

Andrew believes he may be able to contribute to developing the right decision-making structures within the membership to achieve sensitive and effective progress.

Andrew’s background has been as a solicitor in Glasgow with additional interests outside the law where he was able to play a part in developing provision of services with the good will of service users and staff.