History Corner – A Trip Down Memory Lane

On this page we share memories from the past which are relevant to The Western Baths Club.  These memories may come from the club archives or they may be from information provided to us by members.  We have a group of members within the club, Linda, Sam and Anna, who have done a fantastic job thus far archiving lots of club information and bringing to life information they have discovered.

They have a display outside the entrance to the bar and bistro, please take the time when you are in to look at the display and the work they have done.

We are always looking for information to add to our historical database, so if any members or even past members reading this have any stories of their own which you think have relevance to the Western Baths we would love to hear from you.

To start this page off we have been given some great archive material from long term member and Past Chairman, Sandy McGarvey.  It relates to Sandy’s Father who was himself a long time member of the Baths and his exploits in the 2nd World War.  It is of particular relevance at this time as the RAF celebrates its centenary.  We hope you enjoy the attached information from the archives:

Alex McGarvey

Evening Times Alex McGarvey-rotated