Turkish and Russian Baths Suite

Frigidarium (Cooling/Changing/Reading Room)

Collect your towels, unwind, read a magazine or today’s newspaper: have a coffee, a chat; pass the time of day: chill out.


The speciality of our tepidarium is the pleasant feeling of constant radiant heat which directly benefits the user. This room prepares your body for the hotter chamber. The tepidarium features a number of wooden loungers allowing you to put your feet up and admire the starry sky ceiling features before drifting off into a snooze.

Russian Room

A more relaxing, less intense environment than a modern sauna, the Russian Room purifies and detoxifies the body by opening the pores and stimulating the circulation.

Turkish Room (Steam Room)

A hot room with high levels of humidity, combined with infused steam, allows your body to relax, melts away tension in the muscles and opens pores helping to eliminate toxins.

Roman Plunge Pool

Brace yourself when you immerse your body in this cold invigorating pool. The change of temperature on the body improves circulation, flushes out toxins in the muscles and provides a toning effect.




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