Zumba Gold

Thursday 22nd February- Thursday 29th March

£2 for members

£4 for non-members

Zumba Gold is a fun, effective way to keep fit. The routines are based on the Latin American and International Music and dance rhythms There will be a well paced warm up, a mid section with medium intensity movement and then a slow cool down.

Come along and discover why Zumba Gold is described as ‘Exercise in Disguise’

Marie’s Background:

” I have recently retired from teaching Drama in Secondary School for 37 years. Movement and dance were always a significant part of my practise I have been participating myself in Zumba classes as a student for several years now. I also attend yoga classes here at the Western Baths where I am a member.

I wanted to continue with Zumba but I was finding the high intensity and fast pace was over stretching me.

Zumba Gold gives me the opportunity to continue the programme at a level which offers a more moderate pace and lower intensity without losing any of the real joy and satisfaction.

Come and join me and find out if Zumba Gold is for you too!”

How to book and pay