Kids Karate

Due to current restrictions in place we are unable to offer Karate classes at the moment.

We do plan to reintroduce the class when restrictions are lifted.

About Us

The Hokushin Karate Academy caters for all your martial arts needs from the age of 6 years up. Whatever your decision to take up Shotokan Karate, we have the expertise, the staff and the passion to help you set and achieve your goals. Karate can offer some of the following:

    • Self-defence
    • Confidence
    • Weight loss
    • Tournaments – we are good at these with many World Champions in our Academy!
    • Personal Development
    • Meeting new people and having fun

When you come to your first class, your instructor will conduct a brief interview with you in order to discover what you want to get from your Karate training. You will then be invited to join in with the rest of the class and take that first step to a better, healther and more confident life.

The Chief Instructor of the Hokushin Karate Academy is Sensei Mike McCusker. Mike currently holds the rank of 6th Dan JSKA, is an internationally qualified judge, referee, instructor and examiner and was an international competitor for many years. Mike has a wealth of knowledge and experience of teaching students of all ages and abilities and regularly visits Japan in order to be taught by World renowned karate instructors. Mike also regularly teaches in schools in and around Glasgow.

The Hokushin Karate Academy proudly holds membership of the following organisations:

The Hokushin Karate Academy holds regular belt examinations (roughly every 4 months) and also hosts a variety of events such as tournaments, training camps, courses, seminars with top instructors and social events. With so much happening, you will never get bored! Join us and share the fun and excitement karate can bring.

Additional needs
We welcome students of all abilities and will work with them to achieve their potential. We have experience working with students who have diagnosed conditions such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, etc.

How to book and pay