Booking a class

Class bookings can be made at our reception desk, over the phone (0141 576 0294) or through our new online booking page!

As of 14/08/2018, members can reserve their space in a class up to 14 days prior to the class; non-members can book up to four hours prior to the class. All spaces are given on a first come basis.

To book through our new online booking system (click here), members must first register using details from their club membership.

This registration process requires confirmation of the postcode, phone number, date of birth and member number/barcode which are given on your membership. Your member number/barcode can be provided by our reception team, just give us a call (0141 576 0294) or email (, or ask at the front desk!

If you are having any issues with the online registration process, please come by reception & we can help you out or complete the registration for you.

Once registered, members can book spaces & cancel bookings for most of our free classes!